About Us

About Reco Industries-
Reco Industries is made up of a focused group of people dedicated to providing customers with the items they need at the best price, without sacrificing quality. Sourcing new and unique items can be a challenge for businesses but, at Reco Industries that is our specialty! With 40 years of experience dating back to when China was just opening their doors to outside trade, you can rest assured that we can solve all of your needs. If we don’t have it available we can source it from one of our 50 plus factories that we work with on a near daily basis. We tailor your needed products to specific factories who specialize in producing similar items whether it be a casting, forging, stamping, hot or cold formed, plated, molded, or machined. Whatever the item is we can provide it to you in a timely manner for a fair and consistent price. For this reason, customers who have chosen to utilize Reco Industries have continued to do business with us for many years without interruption.

If you have a project in mind and would like to give Reco Industries a chance to earn your business please give us a call or send us an email. A quote is “free” so you only have something to gain. Let us help you dominate your market!